Heter Haven Academy
established in 1994

Trina and Duane Heter

Our School

Heter Haven Academy meets Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm.

On Fridays, we are very involved with our homeschool support group.  We encourage our families to find a support group or spend the day getting involved with activities that enrich your child’s life.  Independent studies are sent home for Fridays as deemed appropriate.  High School students particularly may need independent study assignments to complete their required course work.

In 1994, Trina took a leave of absence from her career as a public school teacher.  Duane and Trina had no idea how long this endeavor would last.   They knew they wanted their child to experience something different from what students in the local district were experiencing.   Homeschooling and Heter Haven Academy became a very positive lifestyle for their family.  It is a lifestyle that they have continued to choose.

About Us


The Wise Seeks Knowledge


Trina and Duane live on almost five acres in a small rural community near Marysville, California.  They have four children.  There two oldest are attending California State University in Sacramento.  Their two youngest children attend Heter Haven Academy.  Trina and Duane have  a lot of experience working with children including being foster parents for several years.

Trina is a California state credentialed teacher with many years of experience.  Her greatest strength when working with children is her ability to motivate them.  She enjoyed matching the right curriculum and teaching method to each individual student. 

Duane works full time as a hydo power electrician.  He in charge of the finances and offers his general wisdom to the school.