Heter Haven Academy
established in 1994

We are...

Our Concept

a small educational haven which provides individualized instruction. 

We offer a homeschool style experience with a credentialed teacher.

Your child will experience...       

*a caring family environment

*individualized instruction                             

*small group interaction                             

*cross-age thematic-units                             

*an experienced California state       

  credentialed teacher

Our family began to develop the Heter Haven Academy concept when our oldest son was reaching school age.                                                                                                                                                                                         Having been a public school teacher for many years, I have a strong personal educational philosophy.  As I began to explore schooling options, I felt that my child's educational needs would be best met in a a small intimate educational haven. 


The Wise Seeks Knowledge


My Philosophy

It is my belief that many children do their best in a setting which allows for as much personalized instruction as possible. Students should be allowed to master concepts at their own individual pace, yet, be held accountable for their progress.



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It Because all children have their own preferred learning styles, I attempt to provide learning experiences through a variety of mediums.                                                                                                                                           My intent is to foster each student's natural curiosity and desire to learn.  I encourage children to grow in their personal strengths as well as help them to strengthen their areas of weaknesses.